Your browser does not support the video tag. We are in china market since 2002 ,at the beginning our main projects for steel material building ,the biggest one for Pakistan Tour Iron Tower and total project value for four hundred million dollars ,in Saudi we also made lots stainless steel city sculptures for government tender ,but when 2008 Sichuan Earthquake that lots of people lost life and families and house ,there all home houses by concrete structure that caused tragedy .even our company made some support to local people like tents, food, medicine etc ,but there can’t enough ,we supplied some prefab houses by light steel ,but is not ok when aftershocks come again and again ,we found steel structure some problems by heavy weight material ,then ,there USA clients suggested us to use the sip panel for house building that will be safer and build fast .finally ,there some sip small tiny houses built before cold winter coming ,people warm inside sip house than tent .since then ,our motto for “we only supply affordable homes house ” for people they can feel warm feelings whoever we are .

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