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Green residential is based on the principle of continuous symbiosis between man and nature and the principle of efficient use of resources and design and construction of a kind of domestic and foreign material energy system can be a virtuous circle, no waste, no pollution, energy to achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency of the new residential model.

Is your home green smart home?

First, a comprehensive design team to build

Green residential design covers architecture, structure, indoor, water supply, drainage, heating, air conditioning, electrical, gas, fire, fire, automation control, architectural acoustics, architectural optics, building thermodynamics, ergonomics, landscaping Aspects of the system of knowledge, the scientific and technical personnel in close collaboration to complete the standardization of design.


Second, the high standards of integrated construction system

Green residential housing through 95% of the factory modular standard production, assembly of fast construction, integration of standard decoration, information science management, intelligent supporting application system for customers to create 5A comfortable and safe green home.


Third, the use of high thermal insulation properties of materials

Green living homes do not need cold and warm equipment. Rely on the super insulation structure and the house of the seal, the door, the window for special thermal insulation treatment, to avoid the heat bridge, the house for efficient insulation. Do the summer outdoor 35 °, indoor 25 °, winter outdoor -10 °, indoor 18 °.


Four, comfortable and healthy self-regulating indoor environment

Green living room can monitor the indoor environment at any time, PM2.5 value, when the indoor environment is not up to open the indoor environment adjustment system, such as intelligent ventilation system equipment:

Fresh air is sucked into the room where the master bedroom and the living room are first, and the dirty air is discharged from the bathroom and the kitchen, and the hot air is circulated through the heat cycle so that the fresh air is heated by the old wind and the heat loss is reduced as much as possible.


Five, safe and comfortable smart home life

(Water meter, meter, gas meter) system, emergency assistance system, remote medical diagnosis and care system, indoor air-conditioning system, fire alarm system, fire alarm system, TV intercom system, gas leak detection system, remote meter reading (water meter, meter, gas meter) Electrical automatic control management and development system, focusing on hot and cold systems, to provide you with a truly safe and comfortable home environment.


Six, green residential advanced business model

The use of solar energy, wind energy, air and other power generation, improve revenue, to reach the balance of electricity balance; the use of rainwater rainwater rain collected for rainwater collection, car washing and other non-domestic water use.