Affordable Sip Hubs Design Modern Prefab Cabins Tiny House Plan For Sale

Affordable Sip Hubs Design Modern Prefab Cabins Tiny House Plan For Sale
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affordable sip hubs design modern prefab cabins tiny house plan for sale


type : one room for leisure time like coffee ,reading ,BBQ etc 

size :2.5*3.6 m 

floor area : 9 square meters 

use area : 9 square meters 

main structure : wood cants for frame support and SIPs panel for wall ,floor and roof etc .

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Material Details: Oriented Structural Board is made from fast-growing ,small-diameter trees that can be harvested from plantations ,avoiding the need for cutting old-growth trees . And Polystyrene foam is recyclable material that is completely inert in the environment ,and producing Polystyrene foam insulation requires less energy .
Energy Efficiency :  Structural Insulated Panel homes require up to 50% less energy to heat and cool than stick-framed homes ,meaning less fossil fuel consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions .the efficiency of a SIP building is a result of both the air-tight envelope the panels create , and the substantially higher R-Value of SIPs when compared to stick-framed walls .
Thermal Insulated Effect and Air Quality :  Structural Insulated Panel with good thermal insulated effect when winter or summer , and release no volatile organic compounds . Furthermore ,because  Structural Insulated Panel – built structures are so air-tight ,indoor air quality can be closely controlled ,a huge advantage for those with environment or chemical allergies .

--Construction :

SIPs prefabricated house kit is ready-to-assemble home package. All the SIPs panels have been fully fabricated through engineering ,precutting ,lumber-inserting and numbering for easy erection ,all the wall panels ,roof panels ,subfloors ,stairs ,beams ,fasteners and basic tools are included .other decoration material such as siding ,roofing ,windows ,doors ,plaster board ,flooring etc , can be provided upon requests based on our strong supply chain .the format of our prefab house can be panelized or modularized depending on the shipping method .


 SIPs house with good thermal insulated effect by EPS that made our homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter than cement material .


SIPs house with high efficient-energy when hot summer and cold winter will save enough cost for air-conditioning .And SIP panel will keep indoor for dry environment no condensation, no moldy ,avoid the bacterial growth that we can live in healthy house .




The structural integrity of SIP building is significantly superior to a conventionally framed building in terms of shear resistance , flexural strength and compressive resistance , Evidence can be found in the real world .1995 earthquake in Kobe ,Japan ,devastated a large section of that city ,but SIPs houses stood still ,in another example ,a SIPs house was in the path of a tornado that struck Clermont ,Georgia ,in March 1998.the tornado destroyed 27 houses ,including 7 homes near the SIPs house .the SIPs house suffered no structural damage .the café shop made by SIPs stands well after the big earthquake in Japan March,2011 . The examples also from USA ,as we know ,there horrible hurricane happened in USA recent years ,as Florida ,Carolina ,and Texas etc. There caused less people losing their life by living in SIPs house .

Established in 2002, Lvhouse is one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of affordable sip hubs design modern prefab cabins tiny house plan for sale made in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, we warmly welcome you to wholesale the building with new design from our factory.

affordable sip hubs design modern prefab cabins tiny house plan for sale

1) Life Spain: More than 50 years.

2) Fire Proof: A1 Level.

3) Thermal Conductivity: 0.1035 W/m.K.

4) Thermal Resistance:0.869 m2·K/W. 

5) Snow Resistance: Snow pressure 8.219 KN/m2.

6) Earthquake Resistance: Up to Richter 8 or as required.

7) Sound Insulation: 40 Db.

8) Wind Load: Wind speed 180 Km/h.

9) Wall Shock Resistance: 500 KG concentrated force.

10) Built-in Wire Conduit: Electric wire conduit inside of the panels.